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Why Modaclear?

Modaclear is a reliable Modafinil vendor that sells lab-tested Modafinil worldwide.

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Established during the pandemic Modaclear saw a problem among vendors claiming to sell Modafinil but being unable to deliver on more than a few promises due to lack of experience and knowledge, seeing the problem broadly between many vendors. Peter Villani who has a century-long track record of working within the international medicinal market and logistics decided to fund Modaclear with the purpose of providing real Modafinil and many other generic brands to the worldwide markets.



Quality Inspection

Quality is not only mentioned but guaranteed. If you’re tired of being skeptical on buying from shady websites claiming to sell Modafinil. Look no further. We test every single supply before shipping to our customers.


Overall shipping is mainly a hassle when it comes to Modafinil vendors. Modaclear does not make any magical promises, sometimes it does take longer than expected to receive your product. Modaclear guarantees to ship out the products within 72 hours, and you as a customer submitting an order on our website do not pay extra for a tracking number. All our customers receive a tracking number once your order is shipped out. And not only that we pride ourselves on discreet shipping and guarantee you to receive your product within 22 days.

Dedicated support team

Support has been a key factor in our success in establishing ourselves as a real contender. If you’ve bought Modafinil before, you might have noticed that the top vendors sometimes take days for a simple reply and commonly answer with anything from vague to unprofessional queries. This is something you will find Modaclear to always be on the customer’s side. We educate all our staff and if mistakes are found we take strict measures to make sure you as the customer is always right under our own mistakes, therefor learning by the day.


Prices are maintained with low margins and sustained to be one of the cheapest contender in the market due to our belief that Modafinil the so-called “limitless pill” should be accessible to anyone around the world under moderate usage.

Common Questions

How to Take Modafinil

To help you swallow the tablet, take your dosages with a glass of water. The tablet should not be broken or crushed; it should be consumed whole. Modafinil can be taken before or after meals.

How much modafinil should you take?

Although higher doses have been used, the highest recommended daily dose of Modafinil is 400 mg. For new users it’s recommended to start lower 50-100 mg and if needed later increase the dose.

How Long Does Modafinil Stay in Your System?

Modafinil’s effects are more long-lasting compared to many other drugs. Modafinil has a half-life of 12 to 15 hours, however its metabolism is influenced by a variety of factors, including genetic predispositions, kidney and liver function.

Can you snort modafinil?

This is advised against. Snorting Modafinil might make the user experience the effects a little faster, but it will come at a high price: a stuffy nose and possibly some nasal bleeding.

Is modafinil a stimulant?

Modafinil is considered a lot gentler stimulant than Adderall, although it also has modest stimulant characteristics. Modafinil is safe to use in a variety of scenarios and does not cause anxiety, jitteriness, impatience, or agitation.

What does modafinil do to your brain?

Modafinil is thought to act by increasing the availability of neurotransmitters such as monoamines, catecholamines, dopamine, serotonin, adenosine, and noradrenaline at synapses. The hypothalamus, hippocampus, and amygdala are all regions of the brain that are affected by Modafinil.

Does Modafinil show up on drug tests?

Modafinil and modafinil acid can be detected in the blood, urine, and serum. Modafinil is not commonly detected in regular drug tests. The usage of modafinil is unlikely to result in false positives for stimulants like amphetamines.

Shipping Time?

The shipping time varies by country but Modaclear guarantees a delivery within 2-4 weeks.


Side Effects

Common side effects may be: A Stuffy And Runny Nose, Indigestion, Backache, Dizziness, Difficulty Sleeping, Headache, Nausea, Diarrhea, Nervousness, Anxious Feelings, Lack of Appetite, Dry Mouth. Caffeine can also this medication’s negative effects worse. Avoid drinking significant amounts of caffeine-containing beverages (coffee, tea, colas), eating large amounts of chocolate, or taking caffeine-containing nonprescription products.

Some side effects can be serious. If you experience any of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately:

rash, blisters, peeling skin, mouth sores, hives, itching, hoarseness, difficulty breathing or swallowing, swelling of the face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes, hands, feet, ankles, or lower legs, chest pain, fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat, frenzied, abnormally excited mood, hallucinating (seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist), anxiety, depression, thinking about killing or harming yourself.


Make sure you tell your doctor if you have any allergies or if you are allergic to modafinil or armodafinil before taking it. Because the drug may include some inactive chemicals that may cause allergic reactions or problems, it’s critical to inform your pharmacist or doctor if you have any sensitivities. Before taking Modafinil, tell your doctor about any past medical disorders you’ve had treated, especially if they involved the heart, such as an irregular heartbeat, a mitral valve problem, a heart attack, an enlarged heart, or chest pain. Do not consume alcohol or use marijuana with modafinil because it might make you dizzy.



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